Older road users

Introduction to the needs of Older Road Users for Road Safety Practitioners

Course background

As the population ages it will become increasingly important for road safety practitioners to understand the needs of older road users.   This is a complex area and covers a wide range of medical conditions and societal challenges.  This course will introduce a road safety practitioner to these challenges, with the aim of helping them to develop road safety interventions that will support older road users, in order to maximise their safety.

Course learning outcomes

To develop a road safety practitioner's understanding of:

  • Common issues associated with the ageing process including:
    • Eyesight
    • Hazard perception skills
    • Cognitive processing
    • Strength and flexibility
    • The use of medication
  • How the ageing process and related conditions may impact a road user’s ability to walk, drive and ride safely
  • Possible coping strategies that can be used to support older road users

Who should attend the course?

This is an introductory course and as such suitable for any road safety professional who is new to working with older road users, or those seeking to refresh their knowledge and understanding.  The content is not UK-specific and therefore is suitable for international participants.

Course delivery

This is a one-day course that is delivered online.

Course fee

£155 for Road Safety GB Academy members (plus VAT)
£225 for non-members (plus VAT)

Course date(s)

30 July 2024
Delivered via Zoom
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In addition, courses can be delivered for groups on request - contact Sally Bartrum by email or on 01379 650112.