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Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course

“I have found the entirety of the course a really beneficial experience which is already aiding my work, by giving me the opportunity to apply my learning across a number of different projects we are delivering and looking to introduce. As someone who was historically just based in the delivery part of road safety, this course has allowed me to widen my scope and given me a new avenue of personal and professional development to explore. Thank you for helping to open that door for me.”
Roz Branchfield-Symonds, Norfolk County Council

“This was an excellent course which has been instrumental in changing how we deliver educational messages and our approach to evaluation. I think this is perfectly pitched at phase II level of experience so find the name somewhat misleading. Phase II (as was) delivered a comprehensive overview of road safety, whereas this is tailored to delivery of educational interventions. Therefore the Foundation course could be a series of subject lead courses – this one being on education.”
Su Ormes, Medway Council

“Thank you for a fantastic practitioners course which ticked all the boxes for me as a road safety professional. But a personal thank you, for the individuality that you displayed as a tutor towards each of us within the class and allowing such opportunity to flourish. I have taken these positives back to my department and hope in the near future to see the practitioner’s course welcomed in Cornwall.”
Firefighter Darren Berrey, Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service

“I was very, very impressed with the course. The course encouraged me to look at issues in ways that I have not previously considered and given me another ‘tool’ to utilise to lower collision rates. It was thought provoking, interesting and encouraged (very) lively debates. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is considering it.”
PC Brian McDonnell, Traffic Management Officer for The City of Westminster and The Government Security Zone

“I found this excellent; the trainer was extremely knowledgeable and helped us develop our ideas on road safety, pointing out complications and pitfalls and gave us a whistle stop tour of behavioural psychology, including some directly applicable tools in helping educate road users. He also explained how best to plan, implement and evaluate road safety interventions. I’d thoroughly recommend this course to those for whom road safety is a consideration as part of their job, including police, road safety officers, and planners.”
Ben Knowles, Camden Council

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this course! It was incredibly informative and delivered by two brilliant presenters. I feel that I have learnt an awful lot and have most certainly taken away with me some great advice.”
Julie Finn, West Sussex County Council

Behavioural Change Course

“The programme was delivered in a very clear manner, and we were given time to reflect on how we apply key elements being discussed. By the end of the day, the course had given me a stronger framework to develop and measure any future road safety initiatives that we engage in.”
Simon Rewell, Road Safety Manager, Insure the Box

“I found I learnt benefits around behavioural change techniques that I can input into future road safety initiatives. Behaviour is very complex but I might just have learnt a few important insights into making a difference with work I deliver.”
Nigel Spencer, Milton Keynes Council

“The course was well constructed and delivered with a well thought out combination of real life examples and theoretical modelling that did make sense. I would be very happy to recommend this to any road safety professional responsible for delivering interventions.”
Katherine Ware, Hertfordshire County Council

“The course last week was really good, full of fascinating info. My only slight criticism would be that there was a lot to take in so maybe the course could be run over two days rather than the one, but apart from that I thought it was excellent.”
Deana Frost, Hertfordshire County Council

“This course has provided me with the knowledge and skills to evaluate road safety interventions that I currently employ. It was well structured and delivered at an appropriate pace by Ian, who also provided an excellent level of ‘aftercare’ once the course was finished. I would highly recommend this course to other road safety professionals.”
PC Glen McArthur, Sussex Police

Evaluation Course

“This course has provided me with the insight and skills to complete a full evaluation of a new project we delivered May this year. It has given me the confidence and encouragement to evaluate other road safety interventions that we deliver. It was well structured and delivered at an appropriate pace, the trainer was very knowledgeable on the topic and supportive with my assignment submission. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering it – It’s been a really useful course and I learnt loads………value for money!”
Cheryl Evans, West Berkshire Council