Road Safety Delivery

Introduction to Road Safety Delivery (online course)

Developed and delivered by Road Safety GB Academy

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£155 for Road Safety GB Academy members (plus VAT)
£225 for non-members (plus VAT)

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"I cannot suggest any improvements to the course. Despite the fact the course was online (via zoom) Alan (facilitator) managed to create a wonderful rapport within the group. The five of us on the course had different areas of knowledge and had come from a range of backgrounds and areas. We also had varying levels of experience in road safety roles and in presenting, and yet Alan made us all feel involved, positive and equal in our involvement and input. The other attendees were kind and friendly and, despite being online, Alan managed to create a feel almost as if we were in an actual meeting venue together! It was a brilliant experience. Thank you so much."
Amanda Gillham, Bikeability Coordinator, West Sussex County Council (25/2/21)

This course has been designed to give practitioners who are new to road safety delivery the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to deliver simple but effective road safety interventions.

It will also provide them with a greater understanding of the relationship between government, partner organisations and the public - and how that relates to road safety programmes and delivery in the UK.

The course involves the students in debate, group work, and practical activities. The basic teaching skills acquired will give practitioners the confidence to be able to work effectively with young people, in particular in primary and secondary schools, and with pre and post-test drivers. However, the skills and knowledge gained can be used with all road user age groups.

The course will cover a number of key areas including:

  • Road safety education in the UK
    • Structure and relationship between government, the key players and road users
  • How do we know what the problem is?
    • Overview of casualty data collection and analysis – what are the issues?
  • What is our role?
    • What are we, and what are we trying to achieve?
    • Defining our purpose
  • Human behaviour
    • Understanding why people do what they do
    • Understanding mind programming and belief systems
    • Memory function
  • Teaching methods
    • Different methods of delivering road safety
    • Learning styles
  • Basic teaching techniques and feedback
    • How should we deliver our intervention?
    • How do we know our students are learning, and understand?
    • Body language
  • Practical Workshops
    • Group work to design and deliver a short but effective lesson

The course is delivered online and in two parts. Part 1 is the course delivery, which is followed by a two-day gap to allow students to prepare for Part 2 - a brief session in which they deliver, and are assessed on, a five-minute presentation.

Course dates

18 September 2024 (Part 1) & 23 September 2024 (Assessments)
Delivered via Zoom
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In addition, courses can be delivered for groups on request - contact Sally Bartrum by email or on 01379 650112.

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*About Zoom

Zoom is a leading on-line training platform which offers a wide range of interactive tools to enhance the learning experience.  One key advantage is that Zoom easily facilitates group based discussion, increasing the interaction between participants.  For this reason Road Safety GB prefers to use Zoom when possible.  While some organisations do not allow their employees to have the full version of the Zoom software installed on their computers, this does not always mean that a participant cannot access an online event via their browser,   We therefore recommend that anyone who is concerned about their ability to access an event on Zoom speaks directly to their IT provider to identify if they allow browser access.