Hosting an Academy training course

We aim to make access to Academy courses as easy as possible, by maintaining low course fees (with further reductions for Academy members) and delivering courses as close as possible to where you live and work.

A local ‘host’ can be anyone who wishes to set up a local or regional course and who can help publicise it to colleagues within their own workforce, and others in their local area. In return, the host will receive a complimentary place on that course, potentially worth up to £500 plus VAT.

A suitable venue

You will need to provide a suitable venue for the course which will provide a good learning environment. Often courses are delivered in council rooms, (either committee or training rooms), and at other venues such as fire station training rooms. These can often be sourced free of charge or for a small fee.

The venue/room will need to:

  • Have sufficient space to comfortably accommodate a full course. For example, up to 15 delegates plus a maximum of two trainers for a Foundation or Behavioural Change Course. (Numbers for other courses may vary, but the host will be advised accordingly)
  • Be available for the length of the course – for example, four days in total (in two blocks) for the Foundation Course and two days for the Behavioural Change Course.
  • Be set out either in:
    1. Horseshoe Style (U shape)
    2. Cabaret Style (people in groups around separate tables)
    3. Or, if the first two options are not possible, Board Room Style (one long table – suitable for smaller groups)
  • Have a projector with laptop connections, and screen
  • Flip chart easel

In return for your complimentary place we ask that delegates are offered refreshments (tea, coffee, water etc) on arrival and also at timely intervals throughout the day.

We also ask that the host or a nominated representative from the local authority or organisation be available on site as a central contact point for delegates attending the course.

Other desirable requirements

Ideally, the venue will have catering facilities that delegates can use for lunch – however we accept this may not always be the case. Where catering facilities are not available, delegates will be advised to bring their own lunch, or directed to where food can be purchased local to the venue.

In terms of travel, delegates will be advised how to get to the venue either by road or public transport. We will ask for details of car and cycle parking facilities at the venue, and whether facilities for the disabled are available. This will be added to the joining instructions information sent to delegates.

Support from the Academy

We will carry out a range of tasks to help ensure succesful delivery of the course including:

  • Advertising the course on the Road Safety GB and Academy websites
  • Publicising/promoting the course to Road Safety GB and Academy members
  • Sending out joining instructions to attendees
  • Providing a list of attendees to the host
  • Providing a course booking system to enable delegates to book the course
  • Administration support for delegates and the host
  • A highly trained tutor to deliver the course
  • All learning materials including delegate folder, pen and handouts
  • Delegate support during and after the course (via telephone or email)
  • Assessment and return of assignments to delegates within an agreed time frame

We will need to ensure we can attract sufficient delegates to make the course viable, and your help to achieve this would be appreciated. If the course has insufficient numbers it may have to be cancelled or rearranged.

For further information or to express interest in hosting a course in your area please contact Sally Bartrum, Academy Administrator, by email or on 01379 650112.